Fand by Laney Cairo
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-1-934166-49-9
Reviewed by Nannette



 Will is a bit of a naturalist.  He has a flourishing garden, a chicken coop, he makes his own bread and doesn’t own a car.  Will is aware of the fairies in his garden and of the mysterious person who periodically appears there as well. 


Fand is curious about Will and the world around him.   Will is generous and kind to him and soon they spark a unique friendship.   Will teaches Fand about many things including passion and Fand in turn gives Will something that changes his life forever.



Fand is a fantastical story that will leave you contemplating what you have, what you want and finally, what you really need.  Will is a rare soul in this twenty first century world overflowing with materialism and technology.   Fand is extraordinary; he takes Will on a remarkable journey that amazed me.  You can really feel the changes in Will and Fand emotionally, and even physically as the story progresses.  I was very moved by them.  Fand is a very beautiful, magical and poignant story.



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