Ex-Files 4: Vicky the Vixen by Dakota  Cassidy

Ex-Files 4: Vicky the Vixen by Dakota Cassidy
Ex-Files series, book 4
Changeling Press
ISBN: 10-1-59596-056-2
ISBN: 13-978-1-59596-056-6
Reviewed by Klarissa



Victoria is a clean freak.  She developed OCD while married, feeling that the only control she had was over her house.  After her divorce she couldnít ever see herself doing anything unclean, including sex.  It was yucky. 


With the help from her friends, other divorcees, she is encouraged to seek out another man to fulfill her needs. 


Kale has suddenly appeared in her life after a mock attempt at saving him from drowning.  He seemed to be the only man that has ever made her forget about cleaning.  Heís dominant, makes her feel beautiful and is exactly what Victoria needs.  But when the time comes, will Victoria be able to accept his secret in order to live happily ever after?


Ex-Files 4: Vicky the Vixen is such a fantastic story!  Definitely not your average vampire tale, but one you canít help but love.  Kale and Victoriaís growing relationship pulls at emotions while also helping Victoria get over her phobia.  Kale is exactly what she needs.  Excellent characters, a sexy plot, Vicky the Vixen should not be missed.  Dakota Cassidy is a magical storyteller!



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