DíArgent Honor: Eternal Surrender by Ann Jacobs
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41990-872-9
Reviewed by Klarissa



With the threat of Louise Raynard temporarily not a problem, Alina, the DíArgent clan leader, has decided to stay in New Orleans with her sister-in-lawís father.  Sam Quill, although only mortal knows how to heat up the sheets when it comes to sex.  Sam calls to Alineís submissive side where she can leave all her duties and responsibilities behind and focus on just being a woman.


Sam Quill canít believe his growing feelings for the vampire queen, Aline.  Even though she isnít mortal, Sam still feels protective of her.  And with a new threat on her life, Sam will easily die to keep her safe.


I had to sit back and take a deep breath after finishing Eternal Surrender.  Ann Jacobs pulls no punches as Aline and Sam discover their love.  Thereís nothing that can come between these two souls.  The DíArgent family and their sexual rituals left me panting for more.  Hot just doesnít describe well enough this explicitly erotic tale.  I loved Eternal Surrender and now I must find the ones Iíve missed.  Great job Ms. Jacobs! 



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