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Christmas Spirit by Rebecca Anderson
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-643-5 (10) 978-1-59279-643-4 (13)
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Do you believe in ghosts? 


That’s the question that Diana Christmas has been asking herself lately.  It all started the night her grandfather, Sparky Christmas, died.  On her way home from the hospital, Diana knew her mind was playing a trick on her when she saw a man sitting in the back of her car through the rearview mirror.  Of course, no one was there.  Yet, when Diana arrived home, she saw the same man in her bedroom and he introduced himself as Alex.  Diana thought she was losing her mind due to the stress from the dying of her beloved grandfather. Not to mention inheriting the family’s century old home – the Christmas House which Sparky was in the process of turning into a bed and breakfast before he died.  Nevertheless, Alex continues to appear causing havoc on her libido.  Diana tries to ignore him by dating a man she once went to school with; but somehow, Alex still manages to creep into her heart and soul.  Can things possibly get any worse for Diana?


Christmas Spirit is a touching, fun-loving story that captured my heart right from the start and held me tightly intrigued until the very end.  I was persistently turning from one page to the next eager to see what would happen as this wonderful story unfold.  I found Diana to be an independent, yet vulnerable woman who was trying to hold onto her sanity by trying to form a relationship with a ‘live man”, instead of living in a fantasy world with a ghost which led to her being taken advantage of on many occasions.  On the flip side, Alex had great charisma.  He was sexy as hell, witty and strong-willed.  The storyline was very satisfying and exciting with a great deal of surprising drama going on.  Both the main and secondary characters were great.  Christmas Spirit had more of an old-fashion romantic flavor to it than erotic, so the faint of heart readers will definitely enjoy this book!



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