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Wolf Tales III by Kate Douglas
Kensington Aphrodisia
Erotic Paranormal Shapeshifter
ISBN: 0-7582-1388-3
Reviewed by Georgia



Shannon Murphy knows that something’s got to change.  Her friend and long time lover, Tia, recently left and found a man. Since then, Shannon has been searching as well, perhaps unconsciously and definitely unsuccessfully, but searching all the same.  When her life takes an unexpected and treacherous turn, she meets Jacob Trent and things truly begin to change.  Jacob is a dangerous, yet sensuous man who challenges her as no one ever has before.  Can she handle the changes in her life as well as a man like Jacob?

Believing he has endangered his standing in the Chanku pack for trying to force a mating, Jacob takes off on his newest assignment with mixed feelings.  Yet, those feelings become crystal clear once he sees Shannon.  The woman is beautiful, sexy, courageous, and if he’s not mistaken… something more!  Their attraction is intense, but can they survive long enough to explore and discover more?

As usual, Kate Douglas has penned a story of suspense, love, and lots of sex in Wolf Tales III!  In Wolf Tales III, the readers are once again drawn into the world of the Chanku, a race of powerful, erotic shapeshifters.  Shannon’s life has been one long search for belonging but it isn’t until she meets Jacob that she recognizes that.  The circumstances of their introduction are strange but also enhance their feelings.  They are dependant upon each other and since neither can resist it, the sexual tension is kicked up a notch making for some extremely erotic scenes.  Although Shannon and Jacob quickly develop feelings for each other, they are Chanku and have an appetite for sex that is not easily appeased.  They must work out just how their relationship will develop, especially with all of the changes in store for Shannon. Wolf Tales III is another erotic escapade from Ms. Douglas that is not to be missed.    


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