When Seducing a Spy by Sari Robins
Andersen Hall Series, Book 3
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-078248-1
Reviewed by Annmarie



Shortly after seeing his childhood friend again, Heath Bartlett is shocked to hear she is being accused of a crime.  As an Officer of the Crown, Heath is assigned to investigate the lovely Lady Tess Golding.  While he doesn't want to believe she is guilty,  Heath will do whatever it takes to solve the case. 

Tainted by scandal, Lady Tess Golding is not what she seems.  Tess has secrets that must be kept to protect her country.  Unfortunately, Heath Bartlett is a threat to her way of life.  Heath tempts Tess with his passionate embraces and seductive kisses.  If Tess isn't careful, she will give Heath more than the secrets she keeps, she will give him her heart.

I adore romances involving childhood friends.  Although I never experienced this type of romance, it still appeals to my romantic soul.  One of my favorite elements of When Seducing a Spy is the magnetism Heath and Tess share.  Sari Robins made it clear these two are soul mates that must have each other to find true happiness.  I adored the way Heath thought of Tess constantly and that Tess was unable to deny her passion for Heath. 

Although When Seducing a Spy is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone.  I'm sure that after you finish When Seducing a Spy, you will, like me, rush out to purchase the first two in this series. 


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