Weremones by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary/Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-993-5
Reviewed by Jo



Life is just not going the way that Adam Weis has always believed it should be.  Until not long ago he was the Beta (second in command) under the Alpha in his Pack.  Now he is the Pater Canis of his own Pack - a pack that consists mostly of adolescent and teenage boys.  Adamís days now consist of running his construction company for a profit, seeing to all the boys needs and answering his phone calls from their teachers.  If that isnít enough, it appears that the boys have picked who they want his mate to be. 

Diana Ridley is the single mother of two teens trying to keep everything together.  Stress from work and the normal problems of rising teens and dealing with her not so helpful ex-husband should have been more than enough.  However it appears that Diana has become popular with weres and not in a pleasant way.  One night she is rescued by a pack of several small and one large wolfs. 

Adam is amazed when his pack brings him a wounded Diana after saving her from a pack of werecoyotes.  When he is told she is psychic Adam knows why they were after Diana.  This first night is just the beginning of a roundabout romance that goes just the way of Adamís life lately - not the way he always thought it should be.  Diana soon discovers that there is much more going on in her town then she ever thought and that her teenage daughter is right in the middle of it along with the boys of Adamís pack. 

Weremones deals not only with a romance in which both parties are not really sure they want one but also the ins and outs of raising teenagers with extras.  Adam is barely figuring out how to deal with his new life and pack when he meets Diana.  Diana is still very bitter from a bad divorce and has put the raising of her kids as primary in her life.  The fates appear to be not paying attention to either of their wishes.   I loved reading and watching Adam and Diana circle around their attraction.  However it was when they were dealing with the antics and results of the teens that I was alternately laughing and feeling sorry for Adam and Diana.  The humor that runs along the entire story adds to all the characters and the plot.  I am now going to be watching and hoping that the other characters in this book will get their own stories.  Weremones is a story not to be missed for any paranormal lovers. 


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