Unleashed by Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Diane Whiteside and Lucy Monroe
Berkley Sensation
Paranormal Anthology
ISBN 0-425-21211-4
Reviewed by Annmarie




Bond of Silver by Rebecca York

A citizen of the island, New Atlantis, Alexander seeks his mate using a dream ceremony.  While in a dream state, he finds his soul mate, Claire.  In his quest for Claire, Alexander must venture from New Atlantis and convince Claire to embrace her powers and leave behind her life in California, including her over protective mother.

Bond of Silver appealed to my imagination.  I was intrigued with the idea of New Atlantis.  Alexander and Claire's love story is both romantic and steamy. 


Red Skies at Night by Diane Whiteside

Travis is a NYPD detective.  When is friend is gunned down by Morelli, a mobster, Frank vows to take Morelli down.  When his leads take him to a renowned burgler, Gillian, he finds himself very attracted to her.  The attraction is mutual despite the fact that Gillian is a vampire, a vampire that hates cops.

Red Skies at Night is connected to Diane Whitesides Southern Vampires series.  As a big fan of that series, I enjoyed this addition.  I especially loved Travis.  He makes a delicious hero to Gillian's heroine.


Beyond Limits by Susan Kearney

Ari Dillion, a citizen of New Atlantis, has found his mate in real estate developer Samantha Bessinger.  Unfortunately, he can't even get an appointment to see her!  Disguising himself as her pilot, Ari takes Samantha away to a deserted island.  There he plans to show her their shape shifting abilities, persuade her to go to New Atlantis with him and convince her of his love.

In Beyond Limits I was given another glimpse into the world of New Atlantis and I adored it.  I love shape shifters and Susan Kearney described the shift so well, my imagination was convinced.  And I was especially moved by Ari's devotion and love for Samantha.  A terrific paranormal romance!


Come Moonrise by Lucy Monroe-Reviewed by Melissa

Frankie has loved Ty forever, but he has made it clear to her that he considers her a friend and nothing more.  Frankie has tried, but she’s never been able to get over him and find happiness with anyone else.  She finally decides that she either has to become more to Ty than his friend or she has to put him out of her life totally.  Ty has always wanted Frankie but he’s been keeping a big secret from her…he’s really werewolf.  Although he desires Frankie more than anything, in his experience, human and werewolf matings just don’t work.  Can these two find a way to finally give into their heart’s desire?

If I had to sum up Come Moonrise in one word, that one word would be…WOW!  Lucy Monroe has written a tremendous story that pulled at my emotions one minute, then had me fanning myself from the sensual overload the next.  In what is obviously the beginning of a new series, Come Moonrise has me hooked on Lucy Monroe’s wolves and I won’t be satisfied until I get MORE!!!


Unleashed gets my wholehearted recommendation to fans of paranormal romance.  With a variety of paranormal elements, paranormal fans will rejoice.  Additionally, the romance is hot, sexy and tender.  Don't miss this awesome compilation of truly delicious paranormal romances!


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