Thrill of the Knight

Thrill of the Knight by Julia Latham
Avon Books
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-123515-3
Reviewed by Annmarie



When a neighboring lord imprisons Lady Elizabeth Hutton in her own rooms, the clever heiress outwits him.  Determined not to fall victim to his greed, Lady Elizabeth trades identities with her ladies maid.

Returning to find himself titled and engaged, Sir John hears that his affianced, Lady Elizabeth is being held captive.  Although he hasn't seen her since his childhood, Sir John rides to her rescue.  In disguise, he enters the captured household where he meets a maid.  Sir John's vows are put to the test by his desire for not his fiance but her ladies maid.  The choice between his honor and his heart is the hardest decision the noble knight has ever faced.

Fans of medieval romance will love Thrill of the Knight!  Ardor filled romance, mistaken identities and a villainous wretch will keep readers engaged and begging for more.  I am a fan of mistaken identities and enjoyed the tangle that Elizabeth and John found themselves in.  I also enjoyed their passion and love for one another.  A very satisfying read!


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