The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell by Samantha James
The McBride Family Trilogy, Book 1
Avon Books
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-089645-4
Reviewed by Annmarie



Simon Blackwell has endured a lifetime of tragedy and leads a solitary existence in the country.  Taking a rare trip to London, Simon crosses paths with Annabel McBride.  Unable to resist her allure, Simon and Annabel, 'Anne,' are found in a compromising situation. 

Anne finds Simon irritatingly attractive.  He's rude, bossy and irresistible.  Anne doesn't know about Simon's tragic past and is confused by the mixed signals he's sending her.  She can sense that he wants her but he refuses to take her.  Anne wants more from Simon than an in name only marriage.  She wants his passion.  She wants his heart.  But does Simon have a heart left to give?

Historical romance fans take note, do not miss this sensual first book in what promises to be a delicious new Samantha James trilogy.  The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. 

I must admit that I now have a secret passion FOR Simon Blackwell.  A man that loves with his whole heart just rings my bell.  Simon's love for Anne and hers for him was just heart warming.  

The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell is not to be missed!


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