The Princes of Anfall by Ciar Cullen

The Princess of Anfall by Ciar Cullen
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal/fantasy romance
ISBN 1-59998-097-5
Reviewed by Amelia



Lauren Emory is searching for her brother, Tim, who has been missing for many years.  She knows that he crossed from their home in New York to Anfall, a world where wizards are in danger of dying out.  In an effort to find him she goes to Anfall and encounters members of the royal family, chiefly Kasmarin, the Prince Adept.

Kas is a warrior wizard, who has always lived in the shadow of his brother, King Luke.  When he meets Lauren he knows that she is the perfect bride for Luke. She has magical gifts, and will help restore power to the royal family.  The only problem is the powerful attraction between Lauren and Kas.

Kas tells Lauren that her brother is being held at the castle Teren, an evil wizard who also has control of a priceless artifact.  The duo teams up with several of the royal brothers to rescue Tim, and to recover the artifact.

If they survive the battle, Lauren must decide if she will betray her love for Kas and marry Luke, or simply travel back to New York and try to put the world of Anfall out of her mind.

The Princes of Anfall is a rich tale of brotherhood and magic.  Kas is a tortured soul, who fights to do what is right, even though he knows that it will break his heart.  Lauren knows that he loves her, but doesn’t quite understand why he battles that love.  The sparks that fly between them are hot and emotional.  I felt the pain that each of them felt, and loved watching them discover each other.

Readers who enjoy tales of magic and other worlds will love The Princes of Anfall. The story is richly told, with well developed characters and a magical story to tell.



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