The Boy Next Door by Jessica Jarman
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-319-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Artist Darcy Phillips has come home to lick her wounds.  The victim of a relationship gone sour, she is not interested in any of the men her mother keeps sending her way.  Unknown to anyone, Darcy is only interested in one man, Thomas “Mac” MacAllister.

Mac feels like a glutton for punishment.  He thinks he knows what he sees in Darcy’s eyes, but is unsure if he is reading her correctly.  Mac decides to just act upon his feelings, and what happens next surprises the both of them. 

While their relationship is brand new, it is not without strife.  Darcy’s inability to trust and Mac’s temper get the best of both of them, and the lovers find themselves arguing.  Things come to a head at the anniversary party of Darcy’s parents when Mac punches out Darcy’s ex-fiancée.   Will Mac be able to get his jealousy under control?  Will Darcy be able to forgive him?

The Boy Next Door is an all-around great read!  It has jealousy, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and then there’s the romance.  I vowed while reading, that if Darcy messed up with Mac, then he was MINE.  Who wouldn’t love a hero that sends flowers and gifts?  Darcy might have been a bit more receptive had she known the gifts were from Mac. 

Until The Boy Next Door, I had not read anything by Jessica Jarman.  I have to say that I was pleased with this book and how the storyline flowed, not to mention the elements of romance that just left me breathless.  I think other readers will enjoy this book as well.  I look forward to finding and reading more novels penned by Ms. Jarman.


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