Beauty Within- Cover Art

The Beauty Within by Leanne Karalla
Cobblestone Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-099-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jana spends her days taking care of her younger sister and bearing the brunt of her fatherís anger.  Reconciled to her fate, she does what is expected of her although secretly yearning for more.  Jana longs to feel strong arms hold her in the dead of the night and a man to love her.   She scoffs at herself for these whims because she knows that there is no way a man would ever look at a scarred and flawed woman like her twice.  It is during a stop in between rodeos that Jana meets Dan, a younger cowboy with light in his eyes and charm oozing out of his very being.

Dan sees the bright pink truck and horse trailer arrive at the Rocky Basin Ranch and notices it for what it is.  When a beautiful woman gets out and asks to see about the horse, Dan canít help but be intrigued by the striking woman who is unable to speak. 

Whoever said two souls know each other without speaking must have first read The Beauty Within.  I found myself alternately crying from its poignant storyline and yelling at Janaís sister and father.  Dan wormed his way into my heart at the first sign he gave Jana that he could understand her.  His acceptance of her and his totally unconditional love was something that all people yearn for. Jana was one lucky woman.

For a romantic, poignant, and very sensual tale of acceptance and love, The Beauty Within is not to be missed. I thoroughly adored it and hated for it to end. 


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