Terms of Surrender by Gracie C. McKeever
The Matchmaker, Book 2
Siren Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-933563-37-0
Reviewed by Georgia




With the success of his younger brother’s marriage, Nick Vega knows his sister is up to her matchmaking ways and out to get him.  Yet her choice, Slany Breeze, is not someone Nick would choose for himself. Although she’s beautiful, she’s not his usual type.  Still, once he discovers her submissive nature and her budding curiosity, the dominant in Nick comes to the surface and begins to introduce Slany to the lifestyle they both crave.

Outwardly, Slany is a strong woman, caring for her younger siblings after her mother’s death and succeeding in a male-dominated career.  Inwardly, Slany wants someone to take control and give her what she needs sexually and emotionally.  When Nick begins pursuing her, it’s like a dream come true yet one she can hardly believe is real.  Can she give in to her true nature and trust him enough to take care of her, especially when a killer from Nick’s past begins stalking her?

Gracie McKeever’s Terms of Surrender is a suspense filled, complex tale of the Dominant/submissive world.  Nick and Slany get a little push from Nick’s sister, and admitted matchmaker, Angela Calminetti before they finally realize they are perfect for each other.  Both are searching for the other half that makes them whole, while unknown to them a killer lurks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch Slany and force her to become his slave.  The glimpse into the killer’s mind is both frightening and fascinating.  Terms of Surrender is a well paced, well developed story that will grab your attention from the beginning and keep it until the very end. 


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