Taken by Barbara Freethy
Signet Eclipse
Romantic Suspense
ISBN 0-451-21873-6
Reviewed by Nannette



It's her wedding night but Kayla Sheridan's husband, Nick Granville, has walked out on her.  Kayla only knew Nick for three weeks prior to their hasty marriage, but when Nick went to get ice on their wedding night, the last thing she expected was never to see him again.

Nick Granville has just returned from spending three months in Africa engineering bridges.  He discovers several messages from a woman named Kayla claiming that she is his wife and that he walked out on her.  Nick also realizes after looking around his home that someone has been in it.  Deeply concerned and puzzled, Nick calls the police while tying to figure out how to get in touch with Kayla.  Getting in touch with her is easier than Nick thought though when she shows up on his doorstep.

Now, Kayla and Nick team up to find out who the imposter is and why he's done it.  The more they uncover, the deeper the trouble and all the while Nick and Kayla are slowly falling for each other.

The suspense grows and the plot thickens on every page of Taken.  Nick and Kayla are drawn on a roller coaster ride full of lies and deceit trying to solve the mystery.  Nick is such a great guy, hes sexy and a strong protector.  Kayla is tough and smart.  I loved them together.  Just when you think it's over, it's not.  There is more to come in this story and I'm looking forward to reading it!



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