Storm Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow
The Watcher Series, Book 2
ImaJinn Books
ISBN: 1-933417048
Reviewed by Shannon



Mariamne Niege is a witch that has just gone through a major change.  In the past eight months, she has kept up with her studies and passed her finals at school, gone from being a simple witch to becoming a Guardian of the city and tried to ignore the large Watcher that has camped out on her couch.  She doesnít know what to do about Hanson.  Mari was hurt in the past, and she doesnít entirely trust the big man.

Hanson would do anything to have Mari look at him without fear.  He knows that he doesnít deserve her, he is tainted from his past.  Mari is a Lightbringer and it is his job to keep her safe, but she is also his Lightbringer, the one woman who is destined to complete him.  He canít leave her side, unless she orders him away.

Hanson and Mari must both get rid of their fears in order to get past what is hunting her.  Mari has slowly been seeing Hanson in a different light; he protects her and makes her feel safe.  Her visions are getting worse, since becoming a Guardian, they are almost out of control.  It is this latest vision that wonít leave her alone, that has her fearing the future.  Can Hanson and Mari fight the threat and find a way to be together?

Storm Watcher brings about a new challenge for the Guardians of Santiago City; one that has Mari questioning everything around her.  Hanson was almost heart-breaking in his devotion to Mari, but he had a hard time realizing that he was worthy of her.  At times I wanted to shake Mari to get her to see the man he really is.  I thoroughly enjoyed Storm Watcher, with its heart-pounding action, intriguing characters and incredible world.  Lilith Saintcrow has another hit with Storm Watcher.


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