Starmen by Raven Willow-Wood
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by Michelle



Vincent and Miroc are two explorers studying earth and its cultures.  They are only here to study from a distance so as not to impact earth's development.  Upon observing Jody and Berny being "tortured" at an island health resort they break this law and "rescue" the girls from the inhumane tortures inflicted upon them.  After the shock of their first meeting passes, an attraction develops between Vincent and Jody as well as between Miroc and Berny who quickly become attached to each other.  The blossoming relationships pose a problem as Miroc and Vincent are ordered to return for punishment after erasing the memories of both girls.  They have to decide between their love and their duty to their world.

I found Starmen to be a good light read.  It is a really good romance with a lot of comedy thrown in to keep it light and fun.  The interaction between Vincent and Miroc is really enjoyable and keeps the storyline moving along at a good pace.  This was the first story I have read from Raven Willow-Wood and I am definitely interested in reading more of her work.


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