Season of Blood by L. Shannon
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-064-3
Reviewer: Maura



Boryn is a Cyvampis – a Tascryn demon charged with transitioning mortal souls to a new destiny by killing their bodies.  Waking after a thousand years of imprisonment in the earth for his transgressions, he must regain his strength before again assuming his duties.

Catrina is a Valafrn werewolf who was forced to raise herself in ignorance of her abilities and nature after her parents were killed when she was still a small child.  Now she’s in her first season with no idea what it entails and only knows she must find satisfaction – however she can.

Season of Blood was a great story about finding true love wherever you can, even if you never expected it and don’t even think you might deserve it.  Boryn is a tormented hero whose conscience troubles him despite having served out his sentence.  Catrina is an intense heroine who is excited at the possibility of learning more about herself, but is confused about the feelings and needs her season has brought on her.  When they get together, the results are explosive.

I really enjoyed reading Season of Blood, but I really wanted more.  I was left with a huge curiosity about the world L. Shannon created for this book and now I’ll have to buy the others that share the world to try to appease it!  This story wasn’t enough for me.


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