SeXTC by Melani Blazer
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN 9781419909016
Reviewed by Amelia



Kyla Willhelm’s roommate gives her a very interesting read, an underground magazine called SeXTC. The magazine contains a wide variety of sexually explicit articles and ads.  It also features interesting tidbits from Dr. Sex, who tells it like it is.  Kyla likes his article so much that she takes matters into her own hands.  Then she e-mails him to let him know how it affected her.

Dr. Sex, aka Donovan Harper, is known for being open and explicit about his sexual experiences.  He is intrigued by Kyla’s e-mail.  He does some investigating and finds out that she’s a co-worker of his at the newspaper.  He decides to help her live out her wildest fantasy, of a threesome.

SeXTC is a hot, wild read from the first word to the last.  Ms. Blazer has woven a very imaginative tale that makes a reader’s fingers and eyes burn.  It is a fantasy come to live that readers will enjoy.  The story features a reader’s advisory about female/female exploration.


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