Salacity by Sable Grey
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Erotic Romance Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-60088-071-1
Reviewer: Maura



When Darkness Falls

Nina Nichols has been trying to entice her sexy neighbor, Officer Darq Dillion, with a series of schemes to have him “rescue” her.  Unfortunately he has resisted all her efforts.  Darq isn’t as oblivious as Nina thinks.  Now a real threat has emerged and Nina needs Darq’s help but she still wants his body too.

I was really intrigued by the interplay between Nina and Darq during her attempts to seduce him.  I love the somewhat tormented but honorable heroes and Darq fit that to a tee.  Nina was a perfect match for him and not one to be walked on, despite needing his help.  The sex was hot and heavy and fit their natures perfectly.


Chasing Shadows

FBI Agent Dixie Daniels arrives in Salacity to investigate the series of unsolved murders.  Her particular psychic gift allows her to relive the deaths from victim’s point of view.  When she does that with the latest victim, Professor Sylver Shadow comes to her rescue, but why is one of the suspects helping her and what is he really hiding?

I had a great time reading this story because it kept me guessing about Sylver for a while and the murderer was not someone I predicted.  Dixie is a terrific tormented, but strong heroine who is determined to do her best for the victims, even with the great personal cost to herself.  Sylver is equally tormented under his shell of normalcy but can’t resist Dixie, despite his fear of rejection.  And I can’t leave out a mention of the hot  and sweet sex!


The Dark Half

Andrea Ashley desperately needed the new job she’d landed after being cleaned out by her ex.  But when she meets Dr. Jack Jordan, the man she is supposed to be reporting to, she finds the job doesn’t exist.  She talks him into hiring her for the obviously open position of receptionist, but what has she gotten herself into?  And what secrets does Jack keep behind his locked lab doors.

This was another story that kept me guessing.  Andrea wasn’t at all what I expected, turning out to be more self-assured and definitely more complex.  Jack is an endearing hero who struggles against his situation while still keeping his dignity.  More hot sex and surprises at the end made this a great end to this anthology.


Salacity is an anthology I’d been looking forward to for a while and it still managed to exceed my expectations.  The way Sable managed to combine the contemporary and somewhat futuristic world with paranormal elements, just fit in the otherwise familiar.  It just works.  Add in the great characters, fiery sex and hot paranormal beings and you have a sure winner.

This is a terrific single author anthology that offers everything I look for in a paranormal erotic romance.  I just wish I could meet Darq in a nice dark alley myself!


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