Sail Away (Trilogy No 109)  by Lee Rowan
Linden Bay Romance
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-60202-014-6
Reviewed by Nannette



The Captainís Courtship

Cynthia Lancaster is preparing to leave America for Nova Scotia.  The colonies are in turmoil and her father believes itís safer to leave for a time.  Commander Paul Andrew Smith will be escorting Cynthia and her father by ship from the colonies.  The sudden and intense attraction they have for each other was very unexpected.

The Captainís Courtship is a tender and romantic story.   Paul and Cynthia are a loving couple and clearly well suited.  There were however several obstacles in their way that were never dealt with, leaving the story unfinished.     


See Paris And Live        

Christopher St. John has traveled from England to France during the revolution where he meets a beautiful French girl named Zoe Colbert.  Even with the odds against them Kit is determined to make things work. 

Kit shows great tenacity in his pursuit of Zoe, and Zoeís innocence and eagerness are charming.  See Paris And Live is interesting and has a romantic but rather abrupt ending.



William Marshall and David Archer have been stranded on an island.   Being around each other with no other distractions is hard on both of them as they try to hide their attraction.

Davy and Will are very sexy and the newness of their shared passion is very hot, but the story turns into something else and I felt let down by how it works out for them.


Sail Away has three stories that are full of romance and strong emotions but I never felt drawn in.  They each had unsatisfying or abrupt endings as well.  I did like the fact that they all three were connected and the characters are charming in their own ways as well.


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