Ride the Lightning by Sherri L. King
A Shikar Story
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0914-2
Reviewed by Shannon



Pulse has decided to travel to the Territories of Earth, searching for the reason of why they are fighting for humanity.  As an Elder on the Council, it is his job to guide his people in the war.  He needs to be reminded of why they are fighting to save such a self-destructive race.  He hadn’t realized the human world had changed; now he is determined to find out just how much.

Luna Boone has been cursed to see the very worst in humanity, the monsters that hide within everyone.  Cursed with predictions that she can do nothing to prevent, doesn’t stop her from trying¾which would explain why she is standing in front of the Times Square Hilton, waiting to prevent tragedy…until a man in black captures her attention.

Luna has never been able to change her predictions, but she knows that with Pulse’s help, she can.  The two decide to stay together¾Pulse wishing to stay with a woman that is so pure of heart, and Luna wanting to stay with a man that intrigues her.  Only, they must act fast because Luna has had a premonition that Pulse would do anything to prevent…her death.

Ride the Lightning is a fast-paced, electric addition to the world of the Shikars.  Pulse is incredibly appealing, so much so that Luna has trouble keeping her thoughts away from him.  The seriousness of Luna’s predictions are tempered by the quick-witted dialogue between these two and I loved their every interaction.  The sex is hot, the Shikar is to-die-for and Ride The Lightning is one fabulous read.


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