Revealing Skills by Summer Devon
Samhain Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN 1-59998-240-4
Reviewed by Amelia



Tabica is a slave with a dreary existence, until the day a rat comes into her life.

The rat, which is really a morphlange or shape shifter, named Gilrohan, has escaped from a prison cell where he is being held for ransom.  When he discovers that Tabica can hear his thoughts, and she his, he knows that she is more than just a servant girl.

Gilrohan discovers that Tabica is an ereshkigal, a powerful, rare race that is among the highest of the privileged classes.  He knows that she needs to be trained to make the most of her skills.  He also knows that he canít resist her.

Revealing Skills is an imaginative story with an intriguing world.  The characters are well drawn, and the plot intriguing.  Reading the story, however, was difficult for me.  A seventy plus page chapter seemed to drag and hurt my enjoyment of the book, making it a difficult read for me.


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