Pulling Strings (Buildup 2) by Jules Jones
Buildup, Book 2
Loose Id
LGBT Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-59632-230-1
Reviewed by Shannon



Politician Nick Farr is in trouble.  He’s just been charged with fraud and embezzlement, and he needs to know who is framing him.  He decides to hire a mercenary hacker to help him, but he doesn’t expect his attraction to the man who shows up.

Hacker Justin Hobb is intrigued by the new job he’s just been offered.  The opportunity to snoop around a government system is too good of a chance to pass up.  It also doesn’t hurt that his first reaction upon seeing his client is instant attraction.

Nick and Justin both know the Protectorate is behind Nick’s troubles.  Unfortunately for both men, the Protectorate is incredibly powerful and it looks like they are willing to go to any length to get what they want.  When they make a move to invade Marlana, Nick and Justin only have each other to turn to.  Somewhere along the line they’ve fallen hard and they’ll do anything to stay safe, and stay together.

With a complex and interesting plot, intriguing and multidimensional characters, and plenty of hot sex, Buildup: Pulling Strings had me hooked from the beginning.  I genuinely liked Nick, and Justin was the perfect complement to him.  The buildup in their relationship was perfect…I ended up falling in love with both men.  Jules Jones has penned a tale that delivers on all fronts; Buildup: Pulling Strings is a great addition to any library.


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