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Poker Brat by Barrie Abalard
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-553-6
Reviewed by Klarissa



At the poker table Kat O’Tool knows how to make men lose.  She’s having an awesome night in winning and seriously catching the attention of the cowboy seated at her table.  After their game is over and Kat has racked up the money again she and the cowboy decide to take the game elsewhere.  How can Kat not take this gamble?  Kat goes along with CJ and they create a game all their own.  She could definitely find trouble with this cowboy

Barrie Abalard has written a sizzling short story with Poker Brat.  CJ and Kat make sparks fly as they heat up each others lives.  As popular as poker is today I was excited to see a story with a little card play involved which leads into a different kind of sexy play.  Poker Brat is a passionate story you’re sure to love.


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