Personal Best 2 by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-934166-59-6
Reviewed by Nannette



Mike Gaulliet is an amazing swimmer, he has natural talent and an awesome coach, but Jessy Turner is not just his coach, he's Mike's lover too. 

When Mike gets injured, then has an accident, his confidence is shaken.  Mike has to heal both physically and emotionally, and Jessy's right there to see him through. 

Mike and Jessy are back in Personal Best 2.  They're still training and loving hard every day.  Jessy's dominance and Mike's eagerness for it are very sexy.  While the sex between Mike and Jessy is incredibly loving and kinky, Mike's training is intense and interesting as well.  Personal Best 2 is great, and best of all, thereís more to come!   Iím looking forward to more sex and swimming with Mike and Jessy!


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