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Over the Moon by Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson,
Virginia Kantra and Sunny

Berkley Sensation
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-21343-8
Reviewed by Shannon



Moon Dance by Angela Knight

Lucas Rollings was introduced to the world of the Direkind when he was shot and nearly killed one night.  When his friend saved his life, Lucas had no idea what he was in for.  Five years later, Elena Livingston is about to come looking for Lucas.  As a member of the Chosen, the Direkind elite, she needs his help, desperately.

Lucas and Elena come together in an explosive meeting.  Elena is running for her life, trying to keep away from the man who will do anything to get her pregnant…including rape her.  I loved Lucas, he was so hot my toes curled, and Elena is admirable in her wishes for the Direkind.  Moon Dance is a combustible combination of sex, magic and a little dash of violence.


Between the Mountain and the Moon by Virginia Kantra

Caitlin MacLean is sore, tired and her blisters have blisters.  She is on this hike as a graduation present to herself, despite her parents’ wish for her to cancel it.  When she runs across another group of hikers, it is the mysterious Rhys Danuson that captures her attention.  But, Rhys has other plans for her…plans that involve a decades long feud and the machinations of the fae.

Between the Mountain and the Moon captured me from the start with a likable protagonist, a sexy mysterious man and enough hints of mystery to have me turning the pages to find out what happens next.  This was my first story by Virginia Kantra, and I’ll definitely be looking for more.


Driftwood by MaryJanice Davidson

Burke Wolftauer is walking along the beach, half an hour before the moon is about to appear.  He is already in a bad mood, courtesy of some ignorants driving onto the beach with all the air in their tires.  When he comes across Serena Crull buried in a hole, he decides to help her…until his claustrophobia and the moon interfere.  When he goes back the next day, thinking to find her dead body, he doesn’t realize what he’s in for.

MaryJanice Davidson has always been my go-to author when I want a laugh-out-loud funny read.  Driftwood combines the world of the Wyndham werewolves with the world of the vampires once again for a breath-takingly funny glimpse at what happens when a wolf and a vamp meet under less than auspicious circumstances.


Mona Lisa Three by Sunny

Mona Lisa has only a few days before she is to go to her new territory in Louisiana.  Her life has changed unbelievably since finding out she was Monere, and now she is responsible for the men and women in her group – including her younger brother, her guards and the two men she loves most.  Unfortunately, her mother, Mona Sera, has one last task for Mona Lisa before she leaves New York.

Mona Lisa Three allows a small glimpse into the lives and loves of Mona Lisa.  The cast of characters is large enough to pique my interest and I find myself falling more in love with them after every page.  Mona Lisa is appealing, Gryphon and Amber are intriguing and the others…simply add more layers to an incredible world.


Over the Moon is a compilation of four incredible novellas that left me panting for more.  Separately, each of these stories brings a unique twist to the Paranormal genre, but together, Over The Moon is a can’t-put-down read.


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