No Regrets by Shannon K Butcher
Warner Forever
Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-0-446-61865-6
Reviewed by Annmarie



Noelle Blanche may be too smart for her own good.  Her amazing skills at cryptology have brought her to the attention of some very bad people.  When she is rescued by the US military, she is forced to make a terrible decision.  She can use her brain to help the US military and know her work for them will indirectly leave her with blood on her hands.  Or she can die.

With this terrible decision before her, Noelle finds herself turning to one man.  Her rescuer.  The dangerous, deadly and desirable David Wolfe. 

David walked away from his military career when his wife was murdered.  When he learns that the men that killed his wife are after the brilliant Noelle, he cannot let her fall into their hands.  David will do whatever it takes to protect her.  Even at the cost of his heart.

You know that feeling you get when you discover an awesome new book?  You want to tell everyone you know all about it.  You want to write an email to the author begging for more.  When you see a shopper pick up the book, you can't not recommend it and gush like crazy.  Well, thats how I feel about No Regrets

I have told everyone that will listen how much I love this book.  It has awesome suspense.  Total heart pounding and nail biting suspense.  The romance is HOT.  Really, really hot!  Even if you took out the superb sexual heat and the lip biting suspense, the romance between Noelle and David would carry the story.  Heart melting!

Shannon K Butcher, waiting a year for your next book is too tortuous for words.  I can only console myself by rereading the delectable No Regrets!


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