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Margarita Chica by Jacki King
Amber Quill Press
Contemporary / Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 1-59279-538-2
Reviewed by Jo



Leslie Stetler is an independent saleswoman of sex toys done in private homes.  Two months ago her up line, Rick Miller, seduced her with the intention of ruining her sales kit and therefore her sales.  Leslie figured it out and out of spur of the moment desperation came up with a new way to conduct her shows.  Leslie arrives at a restaurant after receiving an invitation from other women in her company.  Hoping for a business meeting, she found it is a group who had also been hurt by Rick seeking revenge.  Not wanting to play that game, Leslie leaves and gets another surprise - Rick is in the bar and he needs her to help him with a major business deal.  That afternoon leaves Leslie with several questions to solve: dealing with Rick, her business and the new young waiter she just met.

Margarita Chica is a snapshot in the life of a single woman who is an up and comer in her business.  Leslie has overcome the struggles of starting up her own business.  She has become a top seller in her company, even to the point of making her up line nervous of her topping him.  Leslie is at a turning point in her life and career - she can either go forward or she can resort to revenge. 

I found that the choices the Leslie made I agreed with and was happy she hadnít taken the lower route.   I believe that any lovers of Chick Lit will want to add Margarita Chica to their library.


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