My Immortal Knight: Love Bites by Delilah Devlin
My Immortal Knight, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-84360-763-8
Reviewed by Klarissa



Darcy works for the special unit killing vampires.  As she sits and waits for her mark to show up he turns out to be more than what she ever imagined.  This vampire instantly makes her body come alive and want something she’s scared to pursue.  As she finds out the vampire she thought was the serial killer suddenly starts working for the SU, he also ends up staying with her at her home.  Their close proximity turns out to be to much for Darcy to deny.

Darcy’s long time partner, Joe doesn’t like the vampire Quetin, staying with the woman he’s longed for.  Joe decides to make his feelings known, but Quetin won’t give up Darcy easily.  She has awakened something inside him and wants her for all time.

My Immortal Knight: Love Bites by Delilah Devlin is not your run of the mill vampire story.  Instantly these characters pull away from the stereo type and make this group of beings unique.  Darcy, Quentin, Joe and the rest of Ms. Devlin’s characters are refreshing and fully developed with a plot that will keep you interested.  Quentin is tough, but Darcy knows how to push his buttons to make him come apart.  I absolutely loved the way Darcy battled with her feelings in having to choose who she would stay with.  The ending is climatic and will leave you satisfied, but wanting more from this fabulous author.  This a recommended read for any vampire lover.


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