In This Life by Rachel Carrington
Sequel to Choices
Ellora’s Cave
Time Travel
ISBN: 1-4199-0562-2
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Diane O’Hara thinks the very handsome Englishman standing at her door is playing a horrible, but amusing, joke on her.  He introduces himself as Alexander Heath and he claims to be delivering a message from her sister Carla… a woman who Diane knows doesn’t exist.  And, if that isn’t enough, Alexander states that he is from the year 1811.  Fascinated by his perceived make-believe story, Diane invites him into her home in order to hear the full story.  However, the more Alexander speaks about her unknown sister; the more Diane begins to have flashbacks of their past life together as little girls.  Falsehood soon turns into reality as time passes for Diane.  Now, she has to find a way to deal with a very gorgeous hottie in her life that sets her soul on fire with great desire, deal with cold, controlling parents who are trying to rule her life and struggle with the lost of a sister that she never knew she had.

Alexander Heath feels compelled to travel to the future in order to meet Diane O’Hara.  For some unknown reason, as Carla reveals information about her, she fascinates him beyond belief and he is determined to meet her.  So, when the opportunity presents itself, Alexander jumps at the chance to take Carla’s place in the future.  Besides, Carla is in love with his cousin, the Duke, and she wishes to remain with him.  Now, Alexander must find a way to convince Diane that love can travel across time to unite two people who are meant to be.

In This Life is a very intriguing tale where past meets the present in a very entertaining and explosive way.  Right from the beginning sparks ignite between Diane and Alexander and continue to flame until the very end.  Although the sexual acts between them were small in number, each encounter was scorching and set my blood on fire.  In addition to the mega-hot sexual interactions, the story also dealt with time travel issues.  It was very enlightening to view the struggles that Alexander willingly faced head-on in present time that were unimaginable to someone from his era.  On the other hand, I found myself rooting for Diane to dig deep within herself and find the courage to stand up to her very harsh and devious, wealthly parents and to believe that she deserved to be loved by a fantastic man.  Together, Diane and Alexander complimented each other in a wonderful, natural way that I am sure readers will enjoy. 

Note: While In This Life is the sequel to Rachel Carrington’s Choices, this book is a stand alone.


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