How to Conjure a Man by Nancy Lindquist

How to Conjure a Man by Nancy Lindquist
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-59998-242-0
Reviewed by Amelia



Becky Blake has a good life.  She runs a male strip club in Las Vegas that she inherited from her aunt, who retired and married a dancer.  The club makes her a good living.  But Becky canít seem to find a man.  When her vibrator dies while she is in mid-fantasy she decides something has to be done.

Enter Vivian, who runs an occult shop near the club.  She gives Becky a spell that will help her conjure the perfect man.  Becky is at first skeptical, but she takes her candles and the spell out into the desert, and immediately has dreams of a coyote that turns into a gorgeous man.

Rick Frazier is a software developer.  Coming off a bad divorce and the end of his company, he takes a job at Beckyís club as a bartender.  He is immediately attracted to Becky, and she to him.

Becky soon realizes that Rick is the man from her dreams.  She feels guilty and thinks that heís attracted to her only because of the spell.  Add to the mix Rickís manipulative ex-wife and things get really interesting.

How to Conjure A Man is a hot, tantalizing read.  Rick is the perfect blend of hunk and sensitive man.  I loved his reactions to Becky, and the fact that he was willing to talk about problems and face them head on.  The physical attraction between the two is very strong, making for some steamy scenes.

Ms. Lindquist has written a wonderful tale with an interesting plot and fascinating characters.  I highly recommend this tale.


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