Hot Ticket (cover)

Hot Ticket by
Deirdre Martin, Julia London, Annette Blair, Geri Buckley
Berkley Sensation
Sensual Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 0-425-20978-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Lucky Charm by Julia London

Kelly O'shay hosts a sports show on the radio.  Mets shortstop, Parker Price, is the current object of Kelly’s comedic bashing.   Parker has had enough of Kelly putting him down and he's convinced that she is responsible for his bad luck on the field recently, so he heads down to the radio station to confront her.

Kelly and Parker hit it off instantly.  When Parker starts hitting better, he thinks Kelly might be his good luck charm and when things get bad between them and he starts hitting bad again he's convinced that Kelly really is good luck. 

With Handsome baseball player Parker, and witty and sexy Kelly, Lucky Charm hits a home run with this romantic and fun story!  I was cheering for Kelly and Parker from start to finish! 


Same Rink, Next Year by Deirdre Martin

David Hewson is the goalie for the Buffalo Herd hockey team.  Once a year the Herd comes to Chicago for a game.  They stay at the Barchester hotel where Tierney O’Connor works.  For that one night, Tierney and David have hot passionate sex then part ways until next year, but this year things change when a snowstorm keeps everyone stranded in the hotel.  As the days press on, David and Tierney get to know each other better, changing their relationship from mysterious to familiar and they’re not sure that's a good thing.

I adore David and Tierney in Same Rink, Next Year.  This incredibly romantic and sensual story is heartwarming and sexy.  David is such a great guy and Tierney is a real sweetheart. They are magic together. 


You Can't Steal First by Annette Blair

Quinn Murdock and Juan " Tiago" Santiago met as kids playing in the sandbox and ended their relationship after losing their virginity to each other in high school. A surprise meeting thirteen years later on Tiago's party train stirs up more than just lust for Quinn and Tiago.

You Can't Steal First is such blast! It's a sexy and romantic story.  Tiago surprised me.  I pegged him as a real player at first.  Quinn is a lot of fun; she’s witty and pretty.  She and Tiago make a great team. 


Can't Catch This by Geri Buckley

Lindy Hamilton is attending the Florida Moccasins football game, courtesy of her cheating ex boyfriend.  She caught him cheating and took the season pass tickets that she got him, for herself.  She meets handsome Josh Weldon at the first game and instead of being down about her ex, Lindy is warming right up with Josh by her side, but with her history of picking bad boyfriends Lindy wonders if Josh will be the same.

Josh could charm the pants off any woman. He's handsome and witty and so good to Lindy.  Lindy is a great girl whose luck changes when she meets Josh.  Can't Catch This is a ton of fun and a really romantic story.


Take four hunky guys, four beautiful women and combine them with fun, sensual, and romantic stories and you get Hot Ticket, a fantastic anthology with each story as good as the next.   It's a winner in my book!


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