Hot Ice by Cherry Adair
Ballantine Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-345-47643-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Taylor Kincaid is a woman with a job that requires many faces.  Breaking into and stealing from a supposedly fool proof safe, leads to her arrest in a foreign country.  Rescue comes in the form of a striking, hardened man with a decidedly delicious British accent.  While Taylor is attracted to this man, Huntington St. John, she canít afford to let him get to her enough to break down her defenses and give him the answers he is seeking.   Finally out-waiting him, Taylor handcuffs him to the bed, knocks him across the temple with a lamp and escapes into the night. 

Huntington St. John is on a mission for T-FLAC, his covert employer.  Having followed and hunted Taylor Kincaid and her other 15 aliases for months, he is close to grabbing her.  Watching the jail where she has been ensconced on theft charges, he waits until her guards return her to her cell before he tears a hole in the wall and carries her away to safety.  Once they are at the safe house, Taylor tries to throw Hunt off her scent but to know avail.  However, when he lets his guard down enough to doze off, Taylor sets herself free and promptly disappears once more. 

More is afoot than either Taylor or Hunt realize.  A secret society wants what Taylor has and will stop nothing short of death in order to achieve their mission.  Because of this, Hunt and Taylor must watch every move they make because it just might be their last if the bad guys have anything to say about it.  One thing they donít count on? Their mutual attraction to each other. 

Hot Ice was truly an action packed romantic suspense novel.  I found the story line very intriguing and enjoyed every word that I read.  It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldnít read it fast enough to find out what was going to happen next.  Cherry Adairís depiction of Huntington St. John was so realistic I can hear his sexy voice in my head.  I found Taylor resilient and an extremely fun female lead. 

While I donít normally read romantic suspense novels, I am officially hooked on this storyline and plan to go back and read the other novels in this series that feature the completely irresistible operatives of T-FLAC.  Hot Ice is definitely worthy of being read over and over and then once more for good measure.


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