Her Majesty, My Love by Sharon Long

Her Majesty, My Love by Sharon Long
Samhain Publishing
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 1-59998-304-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Simon Rothmore, Earl of Merrick works for His Majesty's Secret Service.  Simon and his partner Adam Kirkland have been searching for Prince David Chastaine and his sister Princess Isabella Chastaine of Leaudor.  The prince is found dead and now the search continues for the elusive princess.  Simon is concerned that Leaudor will blame England and side with France against them because the prince was killed on English soil.

After a few more failed attempts Simon finally finds Isabella.  Isabella soon realizes that her only chance of making it back to Leaudor alive is with Simon's help, so she reluctantly confides in him.  She must return home before the throne is overtaken by another.

Simon and Isabella have a long and very dangerous journey ahead of them.  Once they reach Leaudor, the danger continues when both are betrayed by those they trusted.  Falling in love further complicates things. 

The journey that Simon and Isabella take in Her Majesty, My Love is as much emotional as it is physical. It's an arduous adventure where their relationship grows closer day by day.  Although it's very cool to see how well Isabella takes care of herself, I felt the fact that she could best any man in a physical fight was unrealistic. I enjoyed Her Majesty, My Love.  The characters are appealing and the story is romantic and exciting.


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