Dark Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow
The Watcher Series, Book 1
ImaJinn Books
ISBN: 0-9759653-2-8
Reviewed by Shannon



Theodora Morgan is a witch, along with two of her friends and their teacher.  She spends her days working in her shop, the Magick Cauldron and healing the people she comes across.  Theo has been running for years and she has finally found a place where she feels she belongs.  Everything is going well until the day a tall man in a long black coat enters the shop looking for her.  Can he be the Knight of Swords she has been seeing in her cards for the past year?  The man sent to protect her?

Dante is a Watcher.  His duty is to protect Lightbringers¾those that possess psychic power¾trying to get them to join Circle Lightfall.  He is a man who had done terrible things in his life until Circle Lightfall saved him.  Those in the Circle inserted a piece of darkness inside of him to make him more resistant to injury.  The darkness heals him, but it sends sharp pains into his body if he is in contact with a Lightbringer.  Dante’s newest job is to protect Theo; he needs to keep her away from the men that are hunting her.  The hunters belong to an organization called the Crusade and they have pulled out all the stops to take her.

Dante has always heard rumors about the one Lightbringer that can bring pleasure to her Watcher, but he didn’t think it was true until he met Theo.  He will do anything to protect her; he will do anything to stay by her side now that he has found her.

Dark Watcher introduces a world of power and darkness, sacrifice and beautiful love.  This is a world where four women battle back darkness with the help of two extraordinary men.  Dante and Hanson, the other Watcher brought in to help him, are men that would die to save their witches.  Dante is incredibly appealing and he finds his match in Theo, a woman who doesn’t completely understand his life.  Theo is a healer and he is a killer, but she finds herself drawn to Dante, to the gentleness she sees inside of him.  I couldn’t stop reading Dark Watcher once I had started, it is an incredible tale and I eagerly look forward to the next book in this series.


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