Cursed by Fire by Jennifer Cloud
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 13-978-0-9789986-3-9
ISBN: 10-0-9789986-3-4
Reviewed by Klarissa



Running scared, Sandra has lived through her family being murdered until all that was left was her.  The killer has even started on her friends.  Now she feels her only safe place is back at her grandmother’s house where she grew up.  The same home she left, leaving all the strange occurrences behind.  The killer, however, still has plans for Sandra, she must remove a curse on his family or he will use whatever force he has to too make her talk.

After finding out his brother is missing, Daniel happens to run into the woman Quint has been emailing.  He begins to suspect she’s had something to do with Quint’s disappearance.  He hopes to get information out of her while also fighting off a house that doesn’t appear to like him.  Will Daniel and Sandra be able to evade the killer and find Quint while thrown multiple road blocks?

Cursed by Fire is one thrilling and spooky story.  I love the rich detail Ms. Cloud provides for her readers.  Daniel and Sandra are great together as they evade a killer and try figure out what he wants.  She knows how to draw you into the story and not let go.  Expect shivers to run along your spine when you pick up Cursed by Fire.


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