Call of the Untamed by Michelle M. Pillow
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41990-735-7
Reviewed by Klarissa



Living as a mortal or rather cursed to live as a mortal; Natasha has made a good life for herself.  Setting up a job as an etiquette teacher she’s taken well to her new mortality. 

With her new client Roark O’Connell, she thinks she has her work cut out for her when he answers the door in the nude.  And what a nice nude it is.  Roark begins to make her aware how long she’s gone without a physical being between her legs.  Even though, Natasha knows she shouldn’t get involved with the handsome Roark, her body clearly doesn’t want to tell him no.

When Natasha gets a taste of Roark, all her inhabitations fly out the window as her true nature begins to surface along with her magic.  But will Roark be able to handle who she truly is?

Call of the Untamed is part of another wonderful series from Michelle M. Pillow.  I instantly loved Roark and his devil may care attitude.  He sees Natasha and knows what he wants.  These two characters completely compliment each other just like soul mates should.  With enough excitement and passion, you will love Call of the Untamed.  This story is hot!


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