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Bring Me To Life by Caitlyn Willows
Amber Quill Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59279-660-1
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Itís been two years since Amy Thornton lost her beloved husband, Dan, to a senseless accident.  At first Amy was grateful for all the protectiveness and support that she received from her friends.  But, now that Amy is ready to start living again and hopefully build a new relationship with a man she finds it to be a very difficult task. Whenever a man shows any hint of interest in her, her would-be suitor is quickly chased away by none other than Danís best friend, Josh Colbert. 

It finally hits Amy that maybe Josh wants her for himself; but, she knows that he would never admit it because of Dan.  After giving it a lot of thought, Amy finally comes up with the perfect plan that is sure to make Josh openly acknowledge his desires for her.  Will Amyís plan work or will it backfire?

Bring Me To Life is a story about a woman who was ready to embrace life once again after suffering great heartache due to a horrific tragedy.  Yet, the people who surrounded her didnít think she was ready to take that step.  I admired Amyís courage and the actions that she took in order to go after what she wanted.  Her plan was brilliant and a sure way to get a reaction out of Josh.  I found Amy and Josh to be very realistic characters and their story was a delight to watch unfold.  As you can imagine, they had a huge, sensitive hurdle to overcome in order to find happiness which made Bring Me To Life even more captivating.  Bring Me To Life flowed at a smooth pace and although short, the progression of Amy and Joshís relationship was natural and passionate.  The chemistry between the couple was explosive and erotic in nature.  Their love scenes are sure to leave you breathless with desire and panting for more.  Enjoy!


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