Bound Captive by Jade James
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-60088-102-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Minutes before marrying Marc, Elena calls off the wedding.  Elena's stepfather, a cruel mobster, has threatened Marc's career as a detective, then his life if she marries him. Elena is devastated; Marc is furious.

Five years later Marc is investigating a crime that takes him right to Elena's door.  Seeing Elena again stirs the intense desire he still has for her, but he is angry and he wants revenge.  Elena is still trying to protect Marc, but she can barely control the attraction she still has for him as well.  When Marc's partner is shot by her stepfather's men, he feels he needs to protect Elena.  Along with protecting her, he plans to exact his erotic revenge on Elena for breaking his heart.  As Marc learns the truth and he and Elena try to repair their relationship, Elena's  stepfather is tracking them down.

Bound Captive is a very passionate and exciting story.  Marc and Elena's relationship is intensely sexual and very loving as well.  They endure much to be together and they prove that it's worth the fight.  Bound Captive has what it takes to get this readers heart pounding; a  gorgeous alpha, a strong sexy heroine, a bit of danger,  and  hot, hot, sex! 


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