Bonded by K.L. Bjork
Silk's Vault
Reviewed by Shannon



Kera is a maiden of the King of Light, one of many.  Lately, she has been feeling down, it seems the King doesnít want her in his bed like he used to.  Desolate, she buys a journal, going to the human realm for paper to write down her thoughts.  It is within this journal that her life unfolds, her every encounter written down, including her meeting and falling in love with Collin.  Itís too bad she canít be with him, or can she?

Bonded is a very unique telling of one womanís journey to find a man that is right for her.  Keraís feelings are captured within the pages of her journal, waiting for the reader to consume.  Bonded was a fantastic tale and I would love to read more about this couple and the world that K.L. Bjork has created.


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