Big Enough for Five by Willa Okati
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 1-933389-96-6
Reviewed by Shannon



Nicholas has a secret.  He canít stop thinking about his co-workers, wishing he could change his relationship with them.  Working for a gay and lesbian publishing company, PrideWorks Publications, Nicholas is faced with seeing them together on a daily basis.

Unbeknownst to Nicholas, the other men have been looking back.  Ryan, Baz, Marcus and Aidan have somehow found a way to have a relationship that works for them.  It hasnít come easily, but the four men are finally in a place where the four of them are working perfectly.

Will the addition of Nicholas ruin the good match they already have?  Is it possible for five men to sort out hurt feelings, misunderstandings and love to find a beautiful rhythm?

Big Enough for Five allows the reader a glimpse into the lives and loves of five men, through the eyes of each.  Instead of being confusing, as I initially feared it might be with five men, Willa Okati seamlessly blended Big Enough for Five in a way that had me turning the pages breathlessly.  I loved these five men, each different from the other, and canít wait to see if there are going to be more stories about them!


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