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Bad Boy Blues by Christiane France
Amber Quill Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59279-583-8
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Itís been ten years since Sharon Lee Parker had last seen her first love, Billy Duval.  Sharon and Billy were once very much in love until Sharon left for college.  Now, Sharon is back home for her best friendís wedding (who just happens to be Billyís sister) and the old feelings that she thought she had buried have resurfaced with a vengeance.  Sharon is torn.  Should she give in to her desires to be with Billy, a man with a very unsettling past or should she protect her heart and kick him to the curb?

Billy Duval has lived a very troubled-filled life that earned him a bad boy reputation.  One of his unruly misbehaviors even landed him a four-year prison sentence; but, Billy had now changed his life for the better.  When he learns of Sharonís return for his sisterís wedding, Billy just has to see her Ė he knows he made a huge mistake in letting her go all those years ago.  Will Billy be able to prove to Sharon that he is not the same mischief man that he use to be?

With a title like Bad Boy Blues you know you are in for wicked, wild treat.  And, let me tell you that Christaine France does not disappoint.  Although Billyís past was a constant factor between the couple, all the heat and passion that once consumed them ten years ago was still burning an eternal flame that neither could ignore.  Billy and Sharonís intimate foreplay was spicily tantalizing and smoking hot.  The only tiny difficulty I had with Bad Boy Blues was Sharonís constant actions of goading Billy because of his past; yet, I knew it was needed to make this tale more interesting.  Overall, Bad Boy Blues is a wonderful, delightful story that I am sure readers will enjoy.


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