Aurora's Triangle by Titania Ladley
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary/Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-374-5
Reviewed by Jo



Aurora Seagress is a scientist who was recently hired at the Hartford Science Research Station and Mining Center, which is on an island off of Greenland.  Aurora has several reasons that she wanted this job, one of which she is keeping to herself for now.  When the Center’s lead scientist is taken off the island for a medical problem, she is told not to go into the freezer labs and to leave the bodies alone.  Of course Aurora can’t resist going down and checking out what the situation is.  What she finds are two amazing looking, naked men and they are thawing out.

Endre Boldizsar and Tabor Firenzka are Vencelze vampires.  Vencelze vampires are also shape shifters, but their second self is not that of a bat.  They and others were tricked onto the island and frozen and held captive for several years.  With Aurora’s unwitting help they have been revived, but to totally heal themselves they have to go back to their home.  Both Endre and Tabor recognized that Aurora was meant to be the third to their Vencelze triangle. 

While Aurora was not at all sure about this, she soon changes her mind and agrees to join with both of them as a true partner.  Aurora is soon placed into a difficult position due to the secret she has kept since arriving at the research center.  Endre and Tabor are making plans to not only get their people back but also for revenge.  Can Aurora, Endre and Tabor find a solution or will they find their triangle broken soon after being made?

Aurora’s Triangle partnered a human and vampires in a spiritual and physical triangle.  Aurora, Endre and Tabor are joined not only with their human bodies during some hot sex, but also with their spiritual second selves when Aurora receives hers.  I really liked that the animal, which was their second was not a bat, but one I thought appropriate.  Actually there are several aspects of the vampires and their lives that I thought to be a nice refreshing change.  Unfortunately, I found that several parts of the story seemed rushed and that I was left questioning some of the characters actions because of that.  I also would have liked to have had more insight into the parts that were just known to the characters. Aurora’s Triangle is not a bad story, I just think it could have been a bit more fulfilling.


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