At Her Command by Marcia James
Romantic Suspense
Cerridwen Press
ISBN: 1-4199-0704-2
Reviewed by Gracie



Dominique Petracelli, Domino, loves her job and takes it very seriously.  She has worked hard to be the best DEA agent possible and it has not always been easy as it is a male dominated world.  The department has just found themselves in the possession of some very interesting information regarding the death of a local police detective.  Domino cannot believe what her new assignment is…she is going undercover in a sex club as a dominatrix.

Dalton Cutter cannot believe his partner and best friend, Jason, was found dead of an apparent overdose.  Dalton does not believe for one minute that Jason died of an overdose.  He blames himself as Jason was doing undercover work in a local sex club and the job had really been assigned to Dalton.  Even though Dalton is taken off the case, he decides to do a little investigating on his own.  Dalton is joining the club and going in as a client.

Domino is very nervous about her assignment and does not know what to except from her first client, but it definitely is not the sexy man who certainly does not want to actually be “dominated” by Mistress Bella.  Dalton is very uncomfortable about meeting Mistress Bella and is shocked by his attraction to her.  While the attraction between the two is strong and instantaneous, both realize that their relationship can go nowhere.  Neither realizes that they are basically working the same case until one night when they both almost get caught by the boss.  As they start working together, their relationship takes them to even higher levels.  Will their relationship be as strong once they have finished the case?

At Her Command was a fun, sexy, and thoroughly entertaining read!  Marcia James writes characters that draw you in and have your rooting for them from the start.  Domino is a strong and smart woman who knows exactly what she wants until she meets Dalton.  Dalton is a no-nonsense detective who does not really believe in love.  I loved the sexual tension between Domino and Dalton and the scenes with Mistress Bella were great.  At Her Command was plain and simply fun and Marcia James is definitely going on my must read list!!


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