Arctic Dragon by Delilah Devlin
Elloraís Cave
ISBN 1-4199-0850-2
Reviewed by Amelia



Drake lives alone in the arctic wilderness, painting portraits of women in erotic poses.  While out one day he comes across a beautiful woman, and takes her home with him.

Queen Larikke of Northland was riding her horse when the mount is startled by a shot from a gun.  The strange man who rescues her has a carriage with no horses, and is absolutely gorgeous.

Drake takes Larikke to his cabin to warm her up.  When he decides to sketch her, things warm up in many ways.  He doesnít know that Larikke is a queen.  But then again, she doesnít know heís a dragon shape-shifter.

Despite itís setting in ice and snow, Arctic Dragon is roaring hot.  The passion between Drake and Larikke could melt a glacier.  I also loved watching Drake shift into his dragon form.  The transformation was beautiful and wonderfully descriptive.  Drake is definitely one hot dragon.

I love dragon stories, and this was no exception. I hope to see more of this imaginative world.


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