Alcandian Soul by Mary Wine
Alcandians Series, Book 3
Ellora’s Cave
Sci-Fi / Ménage a trois or More
ISBN: 1-4199-0895-8
Reviewed by Jo



Cole Somerton is an Earthling who has left his Special Forces days behind him and is starting new on Alcandar as a warrior.  While he is excited to do so, Cole has found that there is one thing from Earth holding on to him.  He had to leave Cassandra there when he and others escaped back to Alcandar.  But now Cole has learned that Cass is remembering and he will need to go back for her.

Cassandra has had a bad time ever since she was discovered with no memory of what had happened when Cole and the others escaped.  The Army has now placed her in confinement for the most part, all because she can’t remember.  With her Army career going rapidly downhill, Cassandra needs to figure out what happened.  However things are coming back to her and Cass now needs to decide what to do.

Cole and Dyne take Cassandra back to Alcandar and tell her that because she remembered she couldn’t go back.  Cassandra doesn’t take just their word for it, but as the time goes on she discovers that there is much more at stake than just her stubbornness.  Alcandians do everything in pairs; Cassandra needs to figure out if she can live not only with never seeing Earth again but being paired with Cole and Dyne and learning an entire new lifestyle.

Alcandian Soul is simply amazing.  Now that I have that out of the way, Book 3 of the Alcandians series gives the story of Cole, Dyne and Cassandra.  Cole has turned his back on Earth but he keeps thinking of Cassandra whom he had to leave behind.  Dyne is the Alcandian who has been working with Cole the entire time and they become partners in the Alcandian way.  Cassandra is an Army brat who was working on her own Army career until the night she loses her memory.  When Cole and Dyne find they connect with Cassandra is a special way, it just starts the pathway for all three to find their ultimate love.  All three of these main characters all but leave the pages and jump out at you.   Cole and Dyne take the ultimate risk of giving Cassandra a choice that could risk both of their careers.  That move alone had me firmly in their pockets, if the love they had for Cassandra hadn’t already.  Alcandian Soul is a captivating page-turner that just sucked me in from the very first.   I highly recommend this to all romance lovers.  If you have never read any of Ms. Wine’s books before, this is a great one to make your first.

Even though you do not need to have read the first two Alcandians books, I would suggest that you do as the characters come back in the daily lives around Cole, Dyne and Cassandra.


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