A Taste of Christmas by Jennifer McKenzie
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-082-7
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Tabitha Durst wants to cry.  Here she is already late for her sister’s Christmas party and the last bottle of a specific brand name wine that her sister just had to have has been taken by a tall, handsome stranger.  No matter how hard Tabitha tries to plead her case, he refuses to let her have the bottle of wine.  Sorrowfully, Tabitha leaves the store headed to a party that she really doesn’t want to go to, preparing to do battle with her crazy sister over a silly bottle of wine.  Tabitha thought about going home; but, she still feels guilty about what happened the last time she missed out on the Christmas party – her mother had an anxiety attack.  As Tabitha predicted, as soon as she arrives, a nasty argument begins between her and her sister. Suddenly – out of the blue – the handsome stranger from the store walks in with HER bottle of wine.

Although Jim Stoddard was totally mesmerized by the beauty that he fought with, he was not about to let her have the precious bottle of wine.  After finally locating the very expensive wine –the three previous stores he went to were out of stock – Jim needs this particular brand.  He wants to impress a potential client in the hopes of landing an important web design contract.  Jim is pleasantly surprised to see the gorgeous woman from the store; however, his delight quickly turns into anger when he overhears the raised, angry voice of his potential client’s wife.  It soon becomes apparent to Jim that Tabitha isn’t crazy as he first thought; the problem rests with her family.  Will Jim be able to break through the barrier that Tabitha has built around her heart to show her the joys of love?

I love reading stories that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  A Taste of Christmas is the perfect story to put you in festive holiday mood.  Jim and Tabitha were charming characters who complimented each other very well.  Both were considered the black sheep of the family because neither went into the family wine business, instead both Jim and Tabitha were web designers.  Yet, that’s where their similarities ended because where Jim’s family supported him, Tabitha’s did not.  The attraction between the couple was swift, intense and sensual.  I found Jim to be a compassionate man who was determined not to give up on Tabitha no matter how hard she tried to push him away.  I definitely enjoyed reading A Taste of Christmas.


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