A Matter of Trust by Becky Barker
Cerridwen Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-4199-0495-7
Reviewed by Amelia



Katlyn Sanders lives in a small town where everybody knows everything about everyone.  She shocked her neighbors by moving in with the town’s most eligible bachelor, Jared King.

But the relationship doesn’t last long.  Katlyn wants marriage, and Jared doesn’t.  He’s been trained by his male family members not to trust women, and that the only thing they want is money.

Even though they are apart, Katlyn and Jared miss each other.  Katlyn just has to teach Jared how to love, and how to trust.

A Matter of Trust is a sweet romance of one man learning that people can love him for more than what he can provide fiscally.  This novel is very emotional, and will tug at your heartstrings.  Great secondary characters provide entertainment for the reader.

This story is a prequel to Chameleons.


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