24 Days by Jaden Sinclair
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 0-9787262-8-6
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Hopeless lonely…

Keela O’Connor is fed up with men.  None of the men whom she dates want to take the time to get to know her as a person.  Because of her attention-grabbing, shapely body, they only seem to want one thing from her – sex – the one thing that Keela refuses to give freely to just anyone.  For that reason alone, Keela usually ends up emotionally hurt and very lonesome.  The only true male companion she has is her online buddy, Aiden-257.  What started out as a friendly nightly chat over six months ago has now blossomed into a wonderful, dependable, secret-sharing friendship between the two.

The clock is ticking…

Aiden-257 (Artificial, Intelligence, Drone, Electrical, Neurons) is one of 300 advanced lab computer chips.  The goal is for each of the 300 programmed chips to be inserted into a specifically designed body in order to create the perfect fighting weapon.  The chips were never intended to feel emotionally, think independently or act on their own.  But, Aiden-257 did all those things and more.  On his own accord he formed a bond with a human woman.  The more time Aiden spends online with Keela, the more he desires to become human so HE can become her ideal dream man.  Now, all Aiden has to do is find the perfect male body to insert himself into and remain in the body for 24 days for permanent settlement.  But, time is running against Aiden, because the lab’s head officer wants to destroy him before the settlement can happen.  If that isn’t enough, Aiden has to convince Keela that he and his love are genuine before all is lost.

24 Days is truly a spellbinding read. Jaden Sinclair has crafted an exhilarating, edge of your seat suspenseful tale that is extremely thrilling and high action-packed at its best.  Ms. Sinclair successfully hooked me from the very first page and held me until the very end.  I was outstandingly fascinated by the many twists and turns within this glorious plot.  And, to add more icing to the already sweetened cake, Ms. Sinclair ended with a shocking conclusion that I never saw coming.  There was never a dull moment with 24 Days, from the attention-grabbing suspense to the spine-tingling sexual encounters between Aiden and Keela.  Let me tell yah – the chemistry between the couple was down right raw, highly erotic, wickedly sinful, and smoking hot!  Your clothes will melt to your body once you experience their passion.  My body was in constant flaming hot mode throughout 24 Days.  My face has a heated blush as I reminisce.  You don’t want to miss out on this amazing reading experience.  24 Days is a novel that I highly recommended.


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